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Buenos Amigos program will provide the attention and loving care your child needs in a family-oriented environment.

Benefits of Spanish Immersion

Benefits of Spanish

Research shows children exposed to another language early benefit considerably socially and intellectually. We specialize in a Spanish Immersion curriculum, meaning our teachers and staff speak and teach in Spanish 100% of the time. Here are a few reasons why a Spanish Immersion program can benefit your English-speaking children.
Enhanced Problem Solving Skills
Higher Empathy
Improved School Performance

Our Story

Our Story

I was planning on staying for one year when I first arrived to the US as an au-pair. Well, it’s now been 11 years and I never returned to Colombia. I met my husband during that first year as an au-pair, got married and we now have 3 children. Being an immigrant hasn’t been easy, it was a struggle for me to learn English.

My husband is Greek and in the beginning, it was hard to communicate. He did not speak Spanish and I spoke very little English (and no Greek, of course!) I learned English day after day, through real-life events.


Bilingual Spanish
Immersion Program

Motor skills /manipulative (puzzles, legos, blocks, etc)
Outdoor Play
Active play and hands on activities for cognitive and
motor-skills development
Arts and crafts
Nature walks
Dance (let your body talk)
Field Trips
Circle Time (Story time, daily learning of math, science,
social and language areas)
Tasting and preparing different kind of foods
Pre-school learning (numbers, letters, colors and shapes)
Character building value
Dramatic and imaginative play
Potty Training, and much more!

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