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Childcare Credentials

Buenos Amigos Daycare is a licensed daycare in the state of Maryland. Our childcare License number is: 161078. Maria Andrea Sideris (Director/owner) has obtained over 500 clock hours of Early Childhood Development training.

90 hours Early Childhood Education

ECE 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECE 111 Infant & Toddler Theories

45 hours Infants and Toddlers

Responsive Care-giving
Infant/Toddler Creative Curriculum
Early Emotional Development
Working with Families
Early Language
Early Learning
Care-giving Routines
Issues of Quality
Culturally Responsive Care
Including Children with Special Needs
Safe & Healthy Environments

45 hours Child Care Administration

Abuse and Neglect
Friendly environments Safe environments
Great days with kids
Creating schedules and Routines
Conferencing with Parents

30 hours Active or Hyperactive

Common Traits of Active Alert children
Strategies for Adult Interactions with active Alert Children
Land Mines and Learning Styles
More Insigths and Strategies
Helping ADHD children

25 hours Stress and Daycare

Families and Stress
Stress in childcare programs
Serious Stress in childcare

20 hours caring for children in your home

Be a professional


A Day Home Business

20 hours Parents and Childcare

In the beginning
The ongoing Teacher-Parent relationship
Communicating with Parents
20 hours Childcare Administration
20 hours Los preescolares en programas de Cuidado y educacion Infantil
16 The Early Childhood Professional
14 Hours Facilitating Staff Skill Development
10 hours Let’s play outdoors

10 hours Children Challenging Behaviors

10 hours Great Days with Kids: Curriculum and lesson Planning

10 hours Learning Centers

8 hours Language Development in Infants
6 Hours Medication Administration
6 hours Helping Children Cope in a Violent World
6 hours of Friendly Environments, Safe environments
6 hours Witnesses to Violence
6 hours Family Diversity
6 hours Emergency Preparedness
6 hours Positive Discipline
6 hours creative Curriculum for children 0-3 years old
6 hours after School Program
6 hours Transitions and other troublesome times
6 hours Imagination at play
5 hours Conferencing with parents
5 hours Sanitation for Disease Prevention
5 hours Health and Hygiene in Childcare Settings
5 hours Autism Vs ADHD (Module L and ll)
4 hours Creating Schedules and Routines
4 hours Safe Spaces in Childcare
3 hours Including Children with Disabilities (ADA)
3 hours appropriate Learning Environment Montessori
3 hours Mixed Age Groups in Early Childhood programs
3 hours Keeping Infants Safe
2 hours Creating a wellness plan
2 hours Menu Planning
2 hours all about food label
2 Hours Developmental Screening Overview
2 hours Nutrition and Physical exercise for children
2 hours The importance of fruits and vegetables
2 hours Child Sexual Abuse: dispelling myths, reducing risk
2 hours Mastering Menus
2 hours Food Safety and Sanitation at Home
2 hours Biting Hurts
2 hours The great garden Detective
2 hours Making it right using fruits and vegetables
2 hours Fun and Fitness
1.5 hours An introduction to ASP 3
1.5 hours Childcare and Covid 19
1 hour Supporting Breastfeeding in Childcare
1 hour A joyful life of care giving
CPR and FIRS AID (updated continuously)

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